May 31, 2005


Last weekend I hosted a poker game at my place. My wife went over to my mom's to watch movies and 5-6 guys came over to compete.

None of us are big gamblers. Half of us were barely able to remember the rules or even tell if a full house beats a flush. (It does.) Each deal was another half remembered variant. We played 'Baseball' about 4 times. The guys liked that one.

I came out the big winner. That was the first time it ever happened to me. It felt good. I was, however, not the best winner since I am not used to racking in all those chips. (The game had a $10 buy-in and the biggest pot was probably about $12.) I formally apologize if any of you guys read this and thought my stupid laugh was irritating. I have to say that not only were many of the hands in my favor, but I also was willing to truly gamble.
The most exciting hand ended with me thinking that the other guy had a four of a kind which would have beat my full house (Kings over Queens). Instead, he had a straight and I was stylin'. Other times, I was bluffing my eyes off, but no one stayed in to see what I had.

Was winning being a bad host? I don't know. I do know that the winnings just about equaled the cost of beer that Elana and I laid out for the evening.

Anyways, the night went until 2:30am. It was a blast. I hope I get the gumption to do it again in the near future, i.e. before we move to Israel for the year.

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