Sep 30, 2005

Missing my gal

My wife went to the US for the Jewish High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) because it'll will greatly improve our financial situation for the year. This was my idea. She will be filling a cantorial role in a synagogue 2 hours from her parents house in California.

She has a beautiful voice. I sometimes call her my nightengale because she sings around the house and when we are driving long distances. I get so proud when she leads services and people inevitably approach one or both of us to comment on how lovely the prayers were.

Even though it was my idea, I will not see her for 3 weeks. Its hard being apart. Its just me and my cat here alone. To top it all off, I got sick. Good thing everyone knows that I am alone. I've been the recipient of over a dozen invitations for holiday meals.

On another note:
Meish asked what the Talmud was. This is from Wikipedia:
"The Talmud (תלמוד) is considered an authoritative record of rabbinic discussions on Jewish law, Jewish ethics, customs, legends and stories. It is a fundamental source of legislation, customs, case histories and moral exhortations. The Talmud has two components, the Mishnah, and the Gemara, a discussion of the Mishnah (though the terms Talmud and Gemara are generally used interchangeably). It expands on the earlier writings in the Torah in general and in the Mishnah in particular, and is the basis for all later codes of Jewish law, and much of Rabbinic literature. "

The talmud was compiled between roughly the 3rd to 5th centuries C.E. It is often accompanied by various commentaries in the margins that date from the 11th century until modern day.

The talmud itself and the commentaries are traditional read in a combination of Hebrew and Aramaic. Here is an example of a page of talmud.

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* meish * said...

thanks! and a dozen plus invitations? you are oh so popular =)