Sep 14, 2005


So I have pretty much taken the first week of classes at the Yeshiva. I am enjoying the classes for teh most part, but I need to adjust my schedule slightly. I am not into mysticism, kabbalah or hasidut. Somehow, I signed up for a hasidut class without intending too. Also, I need to find time to volunteer during the week so some other class may be removed from my schedule here is a list of the classes I am taking:

-Talmud II (I've never really studied this before, but my hebrew and law school experience are supposed to help...I think I am in the right level.);
-Midrash; Halacha; Chumash with Rashi;
-Shabbat, History and Halacha;
-Halacha le'Maaseh (starts after the holidays);
-Sfat Emet

Classes start at 8:45 am and go until 6:15. Its a pretty full day.

My favorite class is Talmud. I still need to buy my own copies of the books.

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* meish * said...

So glad you're blogging again! Now, explain what Talmud is, please.