Mar 27, 2006

A twice momentous day

Today two important things are going to happen:

a) My first niece will be born. My sister Julie is having her fourth child today and I'm excited. I hope everything goes as well as the other 3 kids because we love our nephews. :)

b) I get to vote in Israel for the 3rd time. Somehow my voting in Israel means more to me. It may be due to any of the following reasons:
-I CHOSE to be an Israeli.
-I feel as if my vote counts. (6 million Israelis vs 290 million vote is more likely to effect the end results....besides I am a resident of California where my vote is superfluous due to it being a strong blue state. (I'm a democrat.)
-Almost no one is allowed to do an absentee ballot...which means we all gotta walk down to the polling station and rub elbows.
-In Israel, things are quirky...they have actual laws against giving blessings or curses in order to influence the vote.
-The differences between the parties are significant and the parliamentary system gives me more options.
-I get paid more. (kidding!)

I hope to go to sleep tonight happy for two reasons. The niece thing is more important, but the election is more of a nail-biter since I know that my sister is being induced today.

Please keep your fingers crossed until further notice.

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