Nov 22, 2006

LA is a strange place.

Elana and I just went on a nice date together. We went to the movies, had kosher hot dogs (she had a veggie dog), window shopped and came home. Not exactly in that order.

Now here are some more of the details:

1) The movie was Stranger Than Fiction. We both enjoyed it a lot and in some ways it reminded us of I (heart) Huckabees. 2 thumbs up. Go see it.

2) While ordering our hot dogs, it started to snow. In L.A....actually, the mall we went to has these snow machines that spray soap bubbles that look like snow at they come down. It was quite surreal to see snow in weather that doesn't even require a jacket... I think the snow was in honor of the upcoming Xmas consumer season that starts Friday.

3) In addition to the snow, the mall has a real tree that is 100 ft. tall. They had a sign explaining how they picked the tree because it was so old it would start to die soon anyway and that they would be sure to use all the wood in the for something ecological. Oh yeah, and the tree was even bigger than the one in Rockefeller Center.

4) In the parking lot, we saw a black hearse with blackened windows. Very creepy. It was almost as if Thanatos had gone shopping.

5) This is such an LA thing. (I first have to preface this by saying I only know who this guy is because of his fame...not because of his movies.) As I was going to the men's room after the movie, I was about to walk in and I almost knocked into Ron Jeremy, famed porn star. It was one of those moments in LA when you think to yourself, "You know, that looks a lot like that person (blank)." And then your realize, "IT IS (blank)." It happens every so often and I'm for the most part used to it. I've seen TV people, sports people, movie people and music people. They are everywhere doing their own things. Jogging. Shopping. Stealing food at the supermarket. (Yes, I saw a child star doing this twice on separate occasions.) Anyway, it was especially weird to recognize this particular celebrity as I was walking into the bathroom. I found myself quite embarrassed to need to use the urinals because I was afraid that Mr. Jeremy with his famous member would use the one next to me because I was afraid that curiosity would get the best of me. (Given the reputation of Mr. Jeremy, I hope that you understand my unbidden curiosity.) To make a long story short, I closed my eyes and did my business and when I washed my hands felt that I just had to tell Elana about this LA experience... Only she's never heard of him.

Hopefully one of my readers has heard of him.

Maybe I should write about the time I knocked Jenny Garth (of Beverly Hills 90210 fame) to the ground while rushing to my neuroscience class in college...

LA is a strange place. And it is possible to have a very normal date with your wife here.

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