Dec 6, 2006

Finger Magic

Many of my readers know that it is traditional in some Jewish circles to entertain the bride and groom at weddings with silly dances, juggling and other tricks.

At our OWN wedding, while our friends were entertaining us, somebody convinced me to do the 'finger magic' tricks that I have done at a number of friends' weddings. ...So I was actually entertaining myself at my own wedding.

Coincidentally, I was browsing random videos on and found this little clip from 'The Family Guy'. It has Jesus doing the same routine that I do at weddings.

(Ignore the Jesus part of it.)

As a side note, my friend Ari who was one of my study partners in Israel last year was always making references to 'The Family Guy'. Now I know what he was talking about.

UPDATE: My lovely bride says that SHE was the one who requested it. I guess I was actually entertaining her. That must have been the first time I said, "Yes, dear." as a new husband.

If you can't see the embedded video, try here.

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