Mar 22, 2007

Chatting with a guy in Bangalore

Today, I was on the phone with a Microsoft Tech in Bangalore, India.
My computer is sick, my temper was mellow and the connection was good.

As the Windows Recovery Console was repairing my error-filled sectors, I whipped out an atlas and started a "what's the weather like where you are" conversation. It passed the time and I learned some about the 3rd or 5th largest city in India (depending on how you look at it.)

It costs a little over $100 to rent a 1-room flat for a month there. It is one of the high-tech hubs of India. The weather is apparently rather mild there, unlike the coastal cities. Bangalore does not have a metro.

My problem was not fixed completely, but I felt like we made progress and it was merely my inability to make my mom wait any longer that kept the problem from being fixed today.

I think I'll be calling Bangalore via Seattle, WA (Microsoft) tomorrow too. Maybe I'll learn more about the great city of Bangalore.

There was a mixup. I will have to call back on Sunday. This means my computer has been sick for over a month. Oh well.

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