Mar 12, 2007

So I asked my wife...

...what should I blog about today?

She said, "Mr. Peterson!"

I looked back at her with a look of confusion.

She said something in a gruff voice that included the name "Sloane Peterson."

That's when I realized that she was referencing Ferris Beuller's Day Off.

It was a total non sequitur.

She has this special quirky sense of humor that she doesn't often exhibit when we are around others. It is one of the reasons I love her and why I never tire of being around her.

Yesterday, I pretended to be deathly afraid of our cat. I squeezed Elana in a death grip and pretended to shake with fear as Seti the vicious (and fuzzy) former street cat crept closer and sniffed at us curiously. My acting made us both laugh.

I guess we both have that secret sense of humor.

Someday, when we have kids, I hope that both of us continue to be quirky and that our kids are in on the joke. It'd be a shame to never get to share those moments.

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