Apr 27, 2007

Haircut Observations

Yesterday, I got a haircut at Supercuts. It was an okay haircut. I have a few thoughts on haircuts though.

Observation #1: The guy in the chair next to me was chatting up a storm. I never do that. I don't know why, but talking to a person with sharp scissors near my ears does not interest me. Why distract them? The result is a bad haircut or hurt ears.

Observation #2: The haircutter was a male. In fact, he was the only outwardly masculine male that I have ever had cut my hair in the US. In Israel, I have a favorite barber shop that I go to. Also, in the navy, the haircuts were given by guys. I take the "ever" back. Once I had a barber cut my hair. It was my father-in-law's barber. It was very old-school. My point is that it was unusual for me not to see either a woman or a very effeminate man working as a hair-stylist.

Observation #3: The two parts I like about haircuts are the incidental scalp massage and feel of the buzzer when someone good is fixing my hairline. Sometimes it can hurt, but then the person isn't good.

Observation #4: I hate gel. I don't get the point. It seems a waste. It smells funny. It makes hair feel weird. It can't be good for the environment. The guy yesterday put it on without asking.

Observation #5: It sucks when I have to take my glasses off. They always assume that you can see even when I tell them that I am near-blind without them.

Observation #6: $15.50 is a lot for a simple 10 minute haircut. I liked it better in college when someone in the dorms would trim my hair for $10.

Observation #7: Boy, I have a lot to say about haircuts!

Observation #8: I never know what is a good tip for haircuts. I usually tip about $2.

Observation #9: My white hair seems so much more visible when the clippings are sitting in my lap.

Observation #10: I never let them leave the sideburns. I don't like those either. My sideburns grow so quickly that it almost doesn't matter. Yesterday was the first time I ever got a haircut in which the beard I have was long enough to ask for the hair to simply be blended to the beard's length.

Observation #11: Every finals season that I have ever had the misfortune of having to suffer through has always involved much procrastination. It never has had an effect on my grades. I usually either know the stuff by finals or not. Somehow, I always feel as prepared as I need to be for the exam...still I always goof off and then feel guilty about the wasted time. I won't have the luxury of doing that for the bar, so I need to get this out of my system now.

Final Observation: My hair always looks best 3-5 days after the haircut.

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