Apr 24, 2007

The Peterson Car Museum

Recently, I went with some family to the Peterson Car Museum. Since my computer is back up and running, I am now able to share my photographic exploits with you.

Way cool car.

Cool car.

Another cool car.

I don't think I need to type "cool car" again.

This is not a child torture device from long ago. Apparently, they called this a "car seat". Looks more like a dentist's chair.


Now this is what a kid's wagon should look like...in his/her dreams!

They practice segregation in this museum. I don't know what they do after they split you up. j/k.

This is me driving to the museum. Well, I'm actually IN the museum.

In a stroke of irony, this was the car that we were stopped next to at a traffic light BEFORE we ever got to the museum. (The car was just passing by and had no relation to the museum!)

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