Apr 24, 2007

Photo Dump

Ok, so I have a backlog on my photos. I am feeling a bit of senioritis today so I am using the time to post my pictures.

This little man was very intent on finding a video.

More cars should look like this.

I love when a statue make me feel happy and free.

Bad planning or brilliance? The world may never know. This house had two trees growing out of it.

I wonder if cars like this cause more car accidents. I also wonder why I don't put stickers on our car...

Someone with good aim was using Target for target practice. I can't figure out why I never saw this before in the decades that I have been going to various Targets.

Speaking of Target. This is a shot of artwork that was on sale. I liked it. We are on a budget so I just took a photo instead.

If you look closely, in the upper left quadrant you will see a hummingbird at its nest. You can't see the 2 chicks that were inside...butthey were there. This was the 2nd nest in 4 years in this tree right outside the door to our apartment. Our stupid cat, Seti, never noticed them. (All the other cats in the neighborhood did though!) Seti is always looking out the window and wants to attack the squirrels. See below for more on Seti.

Don't even ask what this is.

I wish all bumper stickers were as witty and thought provoking as this one. Some days this feels so true!

This is the cat mentioned above. She's stupid, but she's OUR stupid cat. She was rescued off the streets of Jerusalem and has crossed the Atlantic 3 times. She can't catch mice. She likes attacking pens and rolling her back on the sandals of people with smelly feet. She usually knows when someone needs a snuggle. She is composed of 80% fur and 20% flesh/bones. That's a rough estimate.
She is named for the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Program. Don't worry. She is neither extra-terrestrial nor intelligent. We are still searching for some recognition that she understands that she is not allowed to climb on the kitchen counters.

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acaligurl said...

that statue is darling!!! made me smile.