Jun 1, 2007

Studying for the Bar

My life is devoted to studying for the Bar exam right now. I am not as focused as I should be, but I'm improving.

I have some blog ideas that I am saving up, but just to add something to the blog for now...I'll post this picture:

It is the I.N.S. Kidon being sunk. INS=Israel Navy Ship. The Kidon was sunk as a memorial for 13 soldiers killed 10 years ago. The tragedy happened a few months after I moved to Israel. Back when Israel was still entrenched in Lebanon, an elite unit of naval commandos were sent to do a mission near the Lebanese coast. An ambush had been set up and they were trapped, with many being killed. Another elite combat rescue team from the Israeli air force was sent in to get them out of the ambush. More soldiers were killed. The entire event took many hours and the media in Israel was giving real time reports of things. I remember hearing about it all day. In the end 13 were killed- most of them naval commandos. As a memorial, an old ship was sunk with 13 chairs bolted to the deck. (Note the semi-circle above.) Now, the ship sits on the sea floor as a memorial that divers can visit. Very fitting for a navy memorial.

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