Jul 5, 2007

Pictures from my cellphone

Here's another batch of pictures from my cellphone:

This is one of the squirrels that taunts our cat. I took this from the dining area in our apartment. The squirrels play on the tree area at eye level and they actively try to drive my our cat Seti crazy. She can never get closer than 3 feet away from them. Cheeky fuzzy rodents! I would like a better action shot of them, but they don't stand still when I whip out my cellphone.

Some of you know that a few months ago I took our Civic Hybrid in to get the fuel gauge fixed. The car is still under warranty. I took it in twice for this. Then on Tuesday, the car died on me in the middle of the road. I got towed to the dealership and they said it was likely the transmission.

The car only has 56,000 miles on it and that's way too early for the transmission to go...but then it is a special kind of transmission that had never be used on cars before. (Better mileage design that was incorporated into the hybrids...)

Anyway, the dealership called and said that the problem was that I was out of gas...even though the meter said I had over half a tank. The culprit is apparently a cable that serves as a relay between the engine and the dashboard. That's why my fuel gauge was acting up!

Good news: Not the transmission.
Bad news: The part that needs replacing is going to take a week to get here.
Good news: I am covered and we don't have to pay for a rental.
Better news: The red Mustang in the picture is my free rental.
It's kinda fun to have this kind of car for a change even if the mileage is not as good as our car.

One our neighbors has a cool license plate. I love it when someone customizes the vanity plates and the frame to go together!

While waiting for my tow to the dealership, I saw a real live working payphone! I actually saw people stop and use it! I thought that cellphones had killed the payphone. Alas, I was wrong. Why is the receiver always so gross and dirty?

This is a shot of the Silver Surfer's arm being ripped off by a crane. I didn't see the movie and I don't plan on seeing it either.

My friend Miriam says cheese while talking on her cellphone. (Not a real cellphone.) Isn't she cute?

Very colorful scooter sighted at Point Dume, CA on July 4th.

You have no idea how difficult it is to catch a kite in motion. The thing was flying everywhere. It is very pretty though, don't you think? Chaim says the kite costs $10, but I was sure it costs $6.
By the way, that is the back of Aaron's head.

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