Aug 19, 2007

Today's Our Anniversary.

On this day six years ago, Elana and I got married in Palo Alto, CA.

It was a lovely day and things went just about without a hitch. (Except for the hole the size of a quarter in my tuxedo pants leg that I discovered as I was getting dressed--luckily, my best man Robert had some knee-high black socks that helped ensure the hole's on black.)

Our wedding was great. We also got away with not spending a bazillion dollars like other wedding couples. It required little things like stacking our own chairs and having a brunch instead of dinner as the meal. All that really mattered was that we were happy.

Six years down the line, I think we are even more happy than the beginning. I must say that I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Elana.

Okay, I'm going to sign off on this post and have her read it so that she let's me off the hook for an anniversary gift...

...well, we ARE going for brunch and then to see the hit musical Wicked.

The day was great. We had brunch (yummy) and saw the show (great). The only bad part was when we almost died. A woman using a cellphone made a 360 turn from a parking spot on a busy street. If I had not been paying close attention, I would have broadsided her...and I think only my laying my hand on the horn prevented the opposing traffic from smashing into her. She was so arrogant that she was completely unphased by my 10 second horn blast!

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* meish * said...

happy (belated) anniversary!! glad to hear you had a great day and stayed alive :)