Aug 31, 2007

Yesterday, we found a "treasure" on the beach

Elana and I went to Point Dume ("Doom") in Malibu yesterday. It is a lesser known beach that has been in movies and is near sacred ground for the Chumash Native American Tribe. We saw tidepools with starfish, sea anemones, mussels, sea snail, crabs and more.

We also walked along the rocky beach at low tide. That is when we found a "treasure". In the middle of the water covered rocks, there was a red ball made of stone. It is the side of a softball and weighs a couple of pounds.

(Re-enactment of the discovery)

We took the ball home for display. It is an unusual enough beach find that I wanted to keep it. I suggested that it may have magic powers...but Elana said it just looks neat.

We also saw a metal object embedded in the sand. It was rusted and solid. It looks like the end of a small wagon bed:

It was about 3 1/2 feet across.

Notice the "wheel" that is fused with the rest of the metal.

That thing in the middle looks like the point where the wagon would attach to something else.

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