Jan 25, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Last night, Elana and I went on a date night. We got free passes to an advance screening of a new movie called Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

The movie was an adult comedy with a sense of humor along the lines of Knocked Up or Superbad.

Funny, all three of those films have Judd Apatow in common... In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, he's a producer on the film. There are also many familiar faces that appeared in the other two films.

Since they didn't ask us to review the film afterwards, I guess they were hoping to just generate good word of mouth (and impress some of the VIPs sitting in the roped-off section of the theater).

I have to say that I have not laughed so many times or as loud in a movie theater in many years. It is funnier than the other two movies I mentioned. As far as I could tell, everyone in the audience agreed with me. There were maybe 2 minutes of jokes that while funny, may have crossed an invisible line into extreme crudeness, but even if those parts are kept in, this movie will be a big hit.

Then again, I don't work in the industry. What do I know?

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evangoer said...

Well, I generally liked the other Apatow movies, so this one looks like a winner...