May 25, 2008

Taking liquids on an airplane

Last week, American Airlines announced that it will start charging $15 for the first bag of checked luggage and $25 for the second bag. I know all the reasons they talk about...fuel savings, fairness to passengers not travelling with carry-ons (i.e. not making them pay for the cost of checked luggage that isn't theirs), etc...

But when airline security started restricting liquids in carry-on luggage a few years ago, the solution was to put shampoo, contact lens solution, bottles of drinks and other liquids in the checked luggage.

Now, when someone wants to go on an overnight trip to someplace they are faced with a dilemma:

-Pay $15 extra for a checked bag
-Buy an $8 bottle of contact solution (or shampoo, or mouthwash, or whatever) to use for the one day they are on their trip. (They'll have to throw it out before they take their return flight...)

For that matter, once they have checked the luggage on the way TO the destination, they will have to pay a second time on the return unless they can make the checked bag a carry-on or unless they ditch the luggage while visiting Reno.

P.S. I still miss meals on transcontinental flights...but that's for another post.

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Rochel Leah said...

Technically, contact lens solution counts as a medical need. I found this out during our trip to Fiji and New Zealand. You should be allowed both a larger-sized bottle and to not have it count toward your total volume of liquids.