Jun 16, 2008

Nesya vs. Bare Naked Ladies and Weird Al Yankovic

Last week, upon the spur of the moment advice from our friend Paul Lerner, Elana and I took Nesya to her first rock concert. Ok, so it was a kid-friendly concert by the Bare Naked Ladies in promotion of their new children's book/album.

We arrived within 10 minutes of the show--which was at the Grove shopping mall. We were about 15 feet away from the stage and it was really fun. ...and that was even before Weird Al Yankovic jumped out of the crowd to join them on stage! (See center of picture in the back playing accordion.) What a treat!

We loved it! Nesya, not so much.


Evan Goer said...

Very cool!

Ron Sapunar said...

Hey Adiv,
Long time... Found myself in google thanks to you.

Ron Sapunar has read your blog and liked it!
All the best to Elena and Nesya.

I can be reached at: