Jun 3, 2008

Parking for Pregnants & Dental Kits for Kittens

It is not often that I stop and see something and think: "Well, how considerate of those shopping mall owners." I mean, they place escalators so that you have to walk all the way around the floor to go up to the next floor (in order to encourage you to see the shops along the way).

Here is something that I saw while Elana was still technically pregnant. (She was at the hospital at the time.)

Then I was walking down the aisle at a pet supply store looking for something to prevent my cat from vomiting hairballs 3 times a day. (Seti the long-haired cat was shedding her winter coat.) I saw this product and I smiled at the cleverness of the business people who came up with this silly product.

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Evan Goer said...

I wonder if they've even sold one of those things.