May 5, 2005

Liberal-bias on this blog

I just want the world to know what kind of liberal bias will be on this blog. Just to get it out there. I don't want any confusion.

1) I voted for Kerry, not because Kerry said anything to inspired, but because I have NEVER heard a single thing by or about the Bush Administration that inspired me with confidence, pride, security, idealogy, etc... Instead, I have alternately been disgusted/ashamed and worried/scared by W.'s Orwellian acts of domestic and foreign policy. The environment. Iraq. Terrorism (note, two seperate things). Nuclear proliferation. Women's rights. Foreign Aid. Budget solutions. Social Security. Medicare. Vacations in Crawford. Patriot Act. Faith based iniatives. The list goes on. Don't even get me started about the people he thinks should hold important offices.

2) I want Clinton back. He was a prick as a husband, but I didn't elect a husband.

3) I listen to NPR.

4) I read,,, some blogs, and the random LA Times.

5) If I had a TV, I would watch the Daily Show.

6) I am not registered in any Political party.

I hope this dispels any rumors about the level of bias in this blog.

PS. I am Israeli as well. Maybe I'll mention my political leanings on that part of the world another time.

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