May 8, 2005

Story Ideas

I don't know why I never seem to get my story ideas past the scratch paper stage. For years, I'vee been telling friends and relatives about my ideas. Sci-Fi. Spy capers. Funky kids stories. Satire. I've been encouraged many times. I've even turned from writing my notes on napkins and used evelopes to making computer notations of them.

Still I don't start.

Once, about 5 years ago, I wrote 12 pages of a concerted beginning of one story, but I've since transformed the idea so even that 12 pages doesn't count...and it was handwritten.

I wrote a play in highschool and I won a short story contest when I was in 7th grade...but I'm 29 now. The savings bond that was my reward for the short story has since matured... That's taking it a little slow.

Maybe what I need is a change of pace and a solid opportunity to wrote. I think that I will devote a certain part of my time next year to writing. My wife and I are going to Israel for her graduate studies, so I will be taking a year's leave of absence.

Whenever I leave a movie theatre or finish a late night DVD, my mind is whirling with new story ideas. I wrote down 2 new ones today. One what a satirical spy story and the other is a legal fiction.

Who knows, maybe writing about writing will get me to write more. :)

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