Mar 5, 2006

Introducing music to Elana.

I met my wife Elana in 2000. One of the things I enjoy about our relationship is that we are always sharing experiences we have. This includes movies that we've seen. Music that we've heard and places we've been. I take special pride in finding songs in my music collection that Elana has never heard before.

I'll be washing the dishes. The chore is boring so I stop to put music on from the tapes or cds that I owned before Elana and I met. I'll start bopping away and then I'll see the look on Elana's face that reveals she hasn't ever heard the song before.

I give myself a mental high-five and dance a jig whenever I succeed in surprising her.

She actually knows tons of music, but we knew difference styles and so she does the same thing with me. I think I get a bigger kick out of it though.... :)

Last week, I did my little jig. After almost 6 years, there's still more to share. I love that.

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