Apr 23, 2006

Life update

Once again, I let too much time pass between posts. Here's some highlights from the past few weeks:

The Passover holiday came and went. It was a nice break. The matzah goes down really nicely with chocolate spread, dolce de leche or peanut butter (or combinations thereof).

Elana's parents came to town for the holiday and we travelled up in northern Israel. I was really happy that the place that I recommended, the grottoes of Rosh HaNikra, were a big hit.

I discovered that someone has patented a way to make olive vinegar. (a 2 part salad dressing all rolled into one.)

I got addicted and then unaddicted to a computer game that my sister sent me. Solution: I deleted it.

Speaking of my sister, her newborn daughter's name is Hadassah Keren Stein. They have a nickname for her, but as her uncle, maybe I'll come up with my own nickname...

Oh yeah, I'm now officially part of the 30-something crowd. I don't like birthdays. I almost made it through my birthday with everyone around me forgetting...but Elana piped up at about 5pm.

We also visited a Masoreti (conservative) Kibbutz. It's called Hannaton and it's in the lower Galil region of Israel. They were very freindly and it's someplace that Elana and I might consider living someday. Nowadays, they need to improve their dog to human ratio. There are only a few families there for the time being (growth is expected soon), but the dogs are everywhere. All very cute and friendly.

I know I had some quirky anecdotes to write too, but that'll have to wait for another day.

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