Apr 5, 2006

Rainbows, flags and wicker shelves

Yesterday I was soaked twice in the rain and I dripped sauce on my jeans. This was not just an ordinary day. Oh no. This was a quirky day. Let me give a further illustration:

While taking the bus home from volunteering, I noticed that half the bus was craning their heads to look outside and a little up. I peeked as well and saw one of the most beautiful sights of my few short years. A blazing and near-perfect rainbow was visible across most of the eastern sky. (It was dusk and the rains had temporarily receded. ) The rainbow arched across the small valley that the bus was passing and ended in the Old City of Jerusalem's walls which were golden in the last rays of the setting sun. Glorious. One of those moments when you understand why the city is considered special. Also, about 3 people in the bus tried to photograph the event. I'm sure that hundreds of professional and would-be professionals got the same idea and were shooting from different places in Jerusalem. It'll make quite a postcard.

Next I get off the bus and walk past the open air market to my apartment. On the way, I noticed a weird juxtaposition of flags on a balcony. One is the yellow and black flag of the local soccer team. Nothing strange there. But flapping in the wind along with it was another flag: the old confederate flag from the US South. I can't explain it. It just was strange to see.

Next I passed a wicker store. They sell baskets, shelves, chairs, coat racks...anything made of cheap wood and wicker. A young religious couple was trying to strap a set of shelves to the roof of their car. What made this sight strange is that they still have the decorations from their wedding stuck to the exterior of the car. I know that on the day after MY wedding, we weren't going to an out of the way store to buy cheap furniture! Elana thought maybe the young couple had gotten a lot of books on the wedding day...

I finally got home to see Elana talking with our two house guests/friends, Rachel and Joshua. Oh yeah, and a baby that isn't ours and about a kilo of salt spilled everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. Elana's explanations of why the neighbor's baby just had to play with salt haven't quite sunk in yet...

I wish I saw things like this everyday. I would post on the blog more. :)

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amechad said...

I have a dumb question (I'm curious, maybe the answer will be helpful to me) and I don't see an email address so I have to post it in a comment (my email is on my blog and in this comment so feel free to reply privately). I saw you posted a Law Review article which said you were a JD candidate in teh US. But you live in Jerusalem. How does that work? And isn't that a pain with the US/Israeli bars?