Jun 12, 2006

Looking for a law job in Seattle this summer

As many of my few regular readers know, I am up in Seattle looking for a job at this very moment.

In case someone who has received my resume has found this website by Googling me, here are some important things to know:

a) I am an extremely hard worker.

b) No employer has ever wanted me to leave. Every employer I have had since I graduated college has tried to entice me to stay on.

c) I play well with others.

d) My law review article is here. So one does not need to use Lexis to read it.

e) I have references who are willing to call you to talk about me.

f) I care more about getting valuable legal experience this summer than about getting paid well.

g) I speak near-fluent Hebrew.

h) I have a car and a driver's licence.

i) I have a sense of humor. Well, maybe I'm just a little sarcastic.

j)My wife and I have no particular plans to be in LA after our studies...and we like Seattle.

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