Jun 15, 2006

Seattle Rain

I don't know why people say that Seattle is such a rainy place. I've been here a week and a half and I've barely seen any rain at all even when it's been in the forecast. The last time I was here for a week, there was no rain. Maybe I bring bad karma. I love rain. Why won't it come?


Adiv said...

Okay, so it finally rained on Friday. It rained almost sideways.

Nikki said...

Do the underground seattle tour - its quite cool and they are quite funny.

Seattle is a great city - one of my fave places in the USA. And Ive been to most states, and Washington is one of the best.

On your drive back to LA, stop at Crater Lake, OR. Trust me, it will be one of the most beautiful places you've ever been.

Gafna said...

You should come to Prague then. We have had a heat wave for several days now, which causes a lot of storms and heavy rains in the evenings. Last Monday we even had heavy hailing - within 10 minutes, my terrace was covered by a thick layer of ice - unbeliavable.
Btw. - I became a (spot)blogger too - my web is at www.gafna.blogspot.com:-) Hope things are going more hopeful with your job.