Jul 6, 2006

After July 4th

So it rained in Seattle FINALLY.
Then I got a job FINALLY.
Then we moved to stay with our friends FINALLY.

The past couple of weeks have been hectic. We've been on the move a lot and I have not used the internet as much as I'm used to. The blog is usually what I do after I've done all my other stuff online.

The 4th of July came and passed. Elana and I have always been told that in Seattle the weather changes to be glorious summer after July 4th. Piffle. It rained on the 4th and has been cool and cloudy since then. The week BEFORE July 4th was really beautiful though. I like the clouds anyway, but just take my advice and don't trust a Seattlian's weather forecast. Anyways, the fireworks over Lake Washington were pretty impressive...it was less so due to the size of any display, but more the plethora of separate fireworks displays going on simultaneously.

This week I might go kayaking or play poker with some people from the synagogue we've been going to. The conservative synagogue Beth Shalom here is very welcoming and friendly. We were staying 2.5 miles to the SouthWest of it, but now we are 3.1 miles to the NorthEast of it. A lot of weekend walking...

Last week we also went to have brunch with some distant cousins. They have a great home in Ballard, near the rock gym that we go to. We were surprised to learn that the little park behind the gym is actually the "locks" where the lakes in the area are connected to Puget Sound. It's fresh water meets salt water and they are different water levels. These big contraptions open and close and fill up with water so that sailboats can pass between the two. Also, there is a salmon ladder to help the fishies make it up stream...which also bring the seals who want easy pickins'. It was a bundle of fun.

Oh yeah, Elana is starting to sound like she's from Canadia. She says "out and about" a lot. It's a little silly. By the way, I like to say, "Canadia" to see if the neighbors up North (you know, the Canadians) think I'm unedgimacated.

And that's my entry for today.


Gafna said...

Mazal tov on getting a job! What is it?

Adiv said...

I'm working for a law firm that does condominium law. It deals with most of the issues that a condominium owners association has to face. I'm doing research, drafting documents and basically a lot of learning.

Nikki said...

You ARE "unedgimacated."

Sheesh. Americans.


Anonymous said...
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