Jul 30, 2006

Computer Blues

Our computer has been sick for the past few weeks. I have called Dell support 4 times and I have had a techniciam replace parts twice. I'm not convinced that it is back to normal, but that is tha reason I have not posted in awhile.

In other news, Last Friday another crazed gunman woke up in the morning with the 'wonderful idea' of shooting a bunch of Jews because he was angry at Israel. This time it happened in Seattle less than a mile from the hospital from where my wife is a interning this summer. We were out of town for the weekend, but our cellphone kept ringing with people from other places calling to see if we were okay. I remember a similar event at LAX 4 years ago. I wish people would wake up crazy in a different way. Maybe they could wake and decide to throw cream pies at people they are angry with. Or how about water balloons? That would be better. Get your aggression out without spilling blood, just whipped cream.

I'm still not happy with the violence between Israel and Lebanon. I'm not too worried about being called up for the reserves. I don't think it will escalate. I think it's tragic that so many civilians are getting killed or displaced, but I'm getting more and more upset that the media is only focusing on the hardship the Lebanese are feeling from this awful state of affairs. They are bing put through the ringer, but Israeli civilians are being attacked as well and there would be far more dead in Israel if not for the fact that almost all homes and buildings are built with bomb shelters.

Those bomb shelters were built out of necessity after years of rockets from Hizbullah and the threat of other missiles from Iraq, Syria, Jordan, etc... Funny, if Israel is always being termed the aggressor in these conflicts, why is it they felt the need to build bomb shelters...? It seems rather indicative of the Israeli fear of being attacked.

Enough about that. To leave the blog on a lighter note, here is a link to a guy dancing around the world.

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