Aug 7, 2006


Today, I fulfilled a lifelong dream...well, a summerlong dream. I really wanted to try kayaking since there are so many places to do it here in Seattle. I have a week left in the city before I go back to school, so I scheduled with Elana to go after our work day ended.

We went to Agua Verde-- a Mexican restaurant and paddle club which is situated on Lake Washington near the University of Washington. It was very easy to register and check out a 2 person kayak. We went out and had a great time dodging boats, chasing ducks, fantasizing about houseboats that we saw and picking blackberries. That's right, we floated under some blackberry bushes that were overhanging the water and ate blackberries while kayaking. (And we didn't even get pricked by thorns!)

It was a great time and a good workout for me. Elana had a nice time too, but she was letting me do most of the paddling while she called out "Left, Right, Left..."

I recommend trying kayaking if you haven't already. We are bummed that LA doesn't have any lakes. It does have an ocean though...I hear that sea kayaking is quite different and we haven't tried that either. :)

P.S. If you are in Israel and you are reading this, please drop me a line. I don't have all the e-mail addresses that I should since my laptop died.


Anonymous said...

Kayaking is fun... when I moved to an apartment on a lagoon, one of my first purchases was an (inflatable) kayak. The best part about that is that now I get promotional brochures from the store I had bought it from that start out, "Dear boat owner..."

-Joshua in the bay area

Nikki said...

hey adiv-

Im here in Israel (granted a fewmore days...see blog why...)

it's tough. It gotreal (well more real) When my friends started getting called up (or friends husbands, fiances etc.) and the funerals began.

we'll pull through.

Israel lhas survied this long and we will keep working tomake sure we do...

glad you enjoyed kayaking... :)

* meish * said...

try Long Beach, i hear kayaking there is fun. i've been wanting to try it out, too. glad you enjoyed it! :)