Aug 30, 2006

Hectic Life and Anniversary

So in the past couple of weeks, I have:

a) Ended a summer internship
b) Driven down from Seattle to LA
c) Slowly moved into out apartment using a small car doing many, many trips to where our stuff was stored
d) Started back at law school (including buying all my books, reading the first 4 assignments for each of my classes, writing my first writing assignment, and meeting a whole batch of new faces)
e) Started back as an editor on my law review...which I discovered will involve a significant amount of Hebrew since the article I need to edit is written by an Israeli about an Israeli law.)
f) Nursed my poor wife who first had a running accident (lots of scrapes) and then got sick
g) Called Dell repeatedly for my computer that got sick
h) Ordered a new computer...and then installed everything I need on it
i) Set up our household's first WiFi network
j) Planned our anniversary celebration.
k) Celebrated our anniversary by taking a helicopter to Catalina Island, cruising around in a boat, snorkeling and had a wonderful time lazing and strolling around the small city of Avalon, CA. (pop. 4,500) This day involved seeing seals, sea lions, a bald eagle and thousands of fishies.
l) This list could go on for a long, long time if I don't stop here.

So one of the really great gifts that I have gotten in my life was the hourglass that my wife Elana got for me for our anniversary. It actually does keep an 'hour' of time...more or less. (60 minutes and 57 seconds.)

I wanted to post about the things I saw going down to LA from Seattle on Interstate 5. I'll try to post that tomorrow.

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