Oct 31, 2006

Chatting with a 7th grader

Last week, Elana and I went to a Shabbat dinner at the home of one of the deans of her school. We were not invited because she is a student, but because we have a common friend who was visiting from Israel. Also at the dinner was most of a very charming family. The mother, who is a rabbi, was off doing rabbi things. The father and 3 daughters were there.

The youngest daughter was actually caught up doing a lanyard.

The oldest daughter is in 9th grade at my old high school and I spent 10 minutes playing the name game even though I graduated about 13 years ago.

The middle daughter is in 7th grade and we talked at dinner. Somehow we got started on politics which turned to political philosophy to civics to history and economics then to current events.

The hostess quipped that the girl was going to know more about those subject than the adults knew after the dinner.

I bet that having one of those conversations is rare, but when you meet someone with so eager a mind, it helps one understand why so many people go into teaching despite the crappy pay.

The father, by the way, could double as a Will Ferrell. Not as funny, but certainly seems like a top notch father.

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