Oct 30, 2006

This and That

Hello there,

I've been busy since school started. I'm taking classes that I find very interesting including Business Associations, Legal Drafting, International Intellectual Property and Criminal Procedure. Legal Drafting has been a bunch of writing assignments designed to better prepare me to handle the rigors of law practice...I'm very glad I'm taking it. BizAss has given me a better appreciation for the all that corporate lingo one hears in the news (including Junk Bonds). IIP has been a great intro to most forms of IP and totally made it clear to me that I never want to have anything to do with German patents. Crim Pro has altered my viewing of Law and Order and CSI forever.

The real time suck in my life recently has been my editor position on the Loyola International & Comparaitve Law Review. We got an article to edit that had many sources in Hebrew. (Hey lucky me, I speak Hebrew!) It has given me a chance to do research in Israeli Law. It has also made me indispensible and more than doubled the workload that I would otherwise have had. (To be fair, I have enjoyed the Hebrew and there was also French, Italian and German in the article.) I'm chugging along....

In other news, it had started to hit me that in less than a year, I will be taking the bar exam. I've had my fingerprints taken. I'm filling out the Application for Determination of Moral Character (read: Background check). I'm taking an exam next week on Professional Ethics (NOT real ethics). I've started thinking about bar review courses. Much anxiety to come!

At home, life is pretty ok for me. We finished most tasks of moving back in. Seti the cat is annoying at night. Our home is cozy. DSL is much better than dial-up.
Elana has been stressed this semester. I am doing my best to help her cope, but sometimes she wishes she had been less ambitious this fall.

I'm getting ready for the elections. I plan on making phone calls to get the vote out. I hope that the national frustration with the war will finally create a mixed government again. 6 years under total Republican rule has hurt this country and others and the damage will only become clear years from now.

I've been watching a lot of little videos on YouTube.com and other sites. I think I found a winner. I don't know when this was on television, but I think I was in Israel at the time and I missed it. It just makes me feel good watching it. Elana was having a stressful day and I showed it to her and she cheered up. Kinda rare when an ad can do that, huh?

I hope you like it.

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