Dec 27, 2006

Done with Jury Duty!

Today, I woke up at 6am so that I could go to the county courthouse downtown by 7:30am. I knew that most of my winter break could have been taken away while I sat in the jury box at a trial. Now, it is almost 4pm and I have been released without being placed on a jury. I am free of jury duty for another year!

Yesterday, Elana had to go to a different courthouse for HER jury selection. She was not as lucky as I was. She is likely going to be busy for the next two weeks listenig to details of a criminal trial. :( I was hoping to spend some more quality time with her while we were both on break.

At least we can watch Grey's Anatomy on DVD in the evenings. Thanks to Sarah for letting us borrow the DVDs.

UPDATE: Elana was just dismissed after her second day of jury duty! Yeah!

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