Dec 19, 2006

Happy Hannukkah

My grandma got me a great gift this Hannukkah. She gave me a cable that allows me to transfer pictures from my cellphone to my computer. It allows me to empty the phone's memory so I can take MORE pictures (YEAH!) and it allows me to post pictures to my blog. It may one day give me my ticket to superstardom by allowing me to record a cellphone video of a police beating or a meteor or something that will be seen by millions on YouTube.

For now, though, here are a few pictures that I have had sitting on my phone:
1) A birds' eye view of a (formerly) see-through sidewalk from Seattle's underground. There is city street under the sidewalk that dates back to the beginning of the last century.

2) A hippie VW minivan in Oregon. (I figured this was a quintessential Northwest experience.) I took this while driving, but I was being very safe about it.

3) Elmo the cat. He was our responsibility for the month of June. Very sweet and about a bazillion years old.

4) The EMP. A very cool building in Seattle. (2 shots)

5) Mr. Scooter Cellphone. I recently learned that Mr. Cellphone will be an Adjunct Professor at the USC School of Cinema! Congrats

6) A Cheerios still-life. This was the first picture I took with the phone and it is one of my favorites.

That should be enough for now. Thank you, Grandma. I am sure I will enjoy my gift, and so will my readers!

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Anonymous said...

i enjoy your pictures, thank you. if i ever make it to Seattle, i will visit the EMP.