Dec 15, 2006

Connecting with friends through Googling

There are many people that I wish I were in better touch with. Some I haven't seen in a few weeks. Some I haven't seen in a few months. Some I may have only met over the internet...

I realize that there are many people with whom I have not always been the best correspondent. Reading my blog may help them know what's going on in my life (or at least my head.) But as I was going to write an e-mail to everyone, I realized that e-mail addresses may be old and people may not always believe me when I tell them not to expect more e-mails from me. (I also have admittedly lost a few e-mail addresses.)

Maybe there's a different way. I think that the phenomenon known as "ego googling" is a powerful one. Everyone googles their own name at some point if just to see how often you are mentioned on the internet. So I have an idea to just write the names of all my friends' who I think don't read the blog because they have not been drawn to it. Maybe my friends will find the blog through googling maybe then I'll get more hits and comments...which will entice me to write more...which will encourage more hits and comments...which becomes a vicious cycle of a sort which I think I can live with.

Here it goes:

LIST OF FRIENDS WHO PROBABLY HAVE NOT READ MY BLOG (no special significance should be inferred from the order):
Chris Kisvarday
Shaiel Yitzchak
Rosalie Beekman
Sharon Wagner
David Cavenor
Dr. Alexander King
Steve Alpert
Zoe Kaye
Dale Rhodes
Mary Janca
Elisa Helman
Tamar Magnus
Maia Raifen
Lisa Boines
Gili (I forget the last name because it's been so many years...but you'll know if this is the right one by the previous name.)
Mike Farnun
Paul Entis
Erinn Hartman
Haley Delugach
Ron Sapunar
Dr. Richard Fisher
Idan Young
Michael Radwin
Matt Davidson
Scott Selfon
Peter Feldman
Leah Lawrence
Lisa Korn
Mark Mishkin
Howard & Belinda Solovei
Mike & Melissa Werbow
Kerry Walters
Liora Zittoun
Carolyn Rasmussen
Paul Rasmussen
Debbie Toobie
Melissa Sandler
Rabbi Adam Shaffer
Sarah Allen
Wendy Scholtz
Adam Kay
Melody Trujillo
Tal Muscal
Shira Guil
Avigail Graetz
Michael Weitzman
Brian Heins
Bryan and Liat Richman

Note: I included some relatives and other people who I might not have spoken to for many years, but for this post's purpose, they are all 'friends.' For brevity, I have chosen to use maiden names when I was unsure what to write...especially because I do not think that women would stop ego googling their maiden name.

If your name is NOT on the list, do not be offended. I am writing this on the spur of the moment early in the morning.



Lisa M said...

I'm bored and didn't want to do real work and the baby is kicking me, so I googled my and Mark's names (we have the same last name now, btw) and found your blog! How are things going, Adiv?

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get in touch with Shaiel Yitzchak. I can be reached at


Rosalie said...

This is just too funny...I just reacted to a later post (which I read first) saying I googled my name and found your I see this post in which you WANT people to find you by googling their name!!!
Anyway, please see other response for my email...

Phoenix said...

Mary Janca is my fiancee. She is doing very well, I will tell her your blog said hi!

See more of her at:

(My Movie Blog)

Richard said...

funny, my name finally appears on the internet after all this time

fame at last :-)

liora said...

I was in Jerusalem not so long ago and suddenly I remembered you, remembered that you explained to me once, the meaning of your name. And today, surfing, I find this list...
How amazing is life...