Dec 13, 2006

A little Bach aria video

You can find the strangest things on the internet. Including a music video for classic music. This is a beautiful Bach aria that I found while looking at the blogs I usually read for political stuff. I don't listen to classical music too often, but I have always loved it.

Sometimes when I need to concentrate extra hard while writing, I use classical music. I need background noise to study or write, but melodic music without lyrics that I understand gives me the noise I need without distraction.


Gafna said...

Dear Adiv, great choice of the video! Did you know that the singer is Magdalena Kožená, a very famous Czech mezzo-sopranist? (

Gafna said...

And - the view from the window at the end - that´s the famous Prague castle (that I am sure all of you have heard about ;-)