Feb 8, 2007

"No Capes"

Yesterday, I was driving behind a black SUV in Los Angeles with California vanity plates that say "No Capes".

This immediately made me think of the Disney/Pixar movie "The Incredibles" in which there is a joke about how capes are dangerous. (There is even a montage of superheroes dying in tragedies involving their capes getting caught on things.)

This led me to wonder if the SUV was owned by the guy/gal who thought of that joke. If so, was that ALL he contributed to the script of the movie? (Like maybe he was a graphic artist on the crew and happened to mention a side comment that morphed into a script change.) If so, would that person get screen credit or would he just get paid extra or maybe he would get nothing. Are there people who don't get paid, except by getting screen credit for their contributions? (I live in LA, but I'm not in 'the industry' so I've never asked myself these questions before.)

So I tell Elana and my mom these thoughts at dinner last night and Elana tells me that this is one of the reasons why she loves me. The crazy trains of thought that I can have which I then can recount to her play by play.

This made me think of another classic Disney movie Who framed Roger Rabbit? when Roger is bouncing on the bed reading off the ways he loves Jessica Rabbit ("One-one thousand, Two-One thousand, Three-One thousand...")

Then I went back in thought** and decided that the SUV driver could have been just a fan of the 'The Incredibles' or a guy who doesn't like capes...which led me to think, maybe the entire joke in the movie arose because someone at Pixar SAW this SUV's plates and created the joke from the plates themselves...

**You know, another quirky thing I do is I remember where a conversation leaves off on a tangent and I often bring the talk back to the original train of thought, sometimes many minutes into the tangent. (This can either be very annoying or a great hit at parties.)

Welcome to my world.

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H said...

I have two young nephews who love wearing batman outfits. Their parents let them wear the outfits to bed but not the capes, for fear of strangulation. The agreement is they will only take them off if you say "no capes!" exactly like they do in the movie.