Jun 12, 2007

Ten Words I Learned in Law School

These are some of my favorite words/terms that I learned in law school based on how they sound, or just what they mean. I will follow them with MY definition which may vary from the true legal meaning:

Estoppel: Sounds French. Means that you have to do what you promise if someone is relying on you.

Adverse Possession: Sounds neat. If you squat on someone's land long enough, it becomes YOUR land. (Don't worry landowners...this is not hard to avoid.)

Alienage: Sounds scary. The characteristic of not being a citizen.

Tortious: Sounds painful. Means something that hurt you that a jury will give you money for.

Malfeasance: Sounds bad. Means somebody screwed up.

Fee Tail: Sounds cute. If you have one, it means that you are from England (we don't have hereditary estates in 'Merika)

Easement: Sounds laid back. Means that you can walk from the parking lot, past the beach house to the beach.

Retainer: Sounds like a painful little-sister of Braces. Means I will get paid before I do any work.

Abrogation: Sounds like indigenous people watering plants. Means that the Civil War did a lot more than free slaves.

Strawman: Sounds like Wizard of Oz. Means a legal fiction which helps you get around the rules.

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