Jul 18, 2007

My Before the Bar Murphy's Law Story

So the bar is a week away. Less than that even. I have been stressing a lot.

(If I haven't responded to an e-mail you sent, this may be why....or maybe I don't like you anymore--you'll just have to wonder about that.)

The Bar exam is one of the most stressful, annoying pivotal exams one can take in their life. If you don't pass, it means one of 2 things: 1) You just wasted $150,000 on a law degree OR 2) you brought under pressure and you have to wait 6 months to take it again...while getting paid a non-lawyer's wage).

The California Bar is longer than most states. You have to know more stuff about more areas than a lot of states. You get tested on your ability to 'perform' which had nothing to do with knowledge of law, but with your knowledge of how to follow instructions.http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

So I have been trying to study. Some days, I have failed miserably. Other days I've been a star. Today is somewhere in the middle.

So I got the car back. They said that they may have a recall or at least a service bulletin based on it.

One of the other things that I was told was make sure that all doctors appointments and errands are done so that nothing interferes with the last week before the bar.

So what happens to me?

I was forced to go to the dentist where I was told I need a crown. That $1000 dollars I didn't need to spend. (Well, I NEED to spend it, but I could have done without spending if you take my meaning.)

My family is going through a rough patch and even if I had no Bar exam, this time in my life would be stressed just by contemplating the ways in which I will need to help out those I love.

Remember that Red Mustang? I had that car for 2 weeks because the problem with our Civic Hybrid was not getting solved. It turns out, the transmission was not the problem. The car's fuel system was messed up. I had taken the car in twice before to get the fuel gauge fixed. The result was that car had RUN OUT OF GAS while I drove it even though the tank read half full. (Notice that I am still on optimist.)

In anticipation for the Bar next week, I went in to switch the Mustang for something that Elana could drive too. She will need to give me a ride to the exam and so I needed to swap out the muscle car because she couldn't see over the hood.
We now have a Hyundai or something like that. Not as cool, but it'll do.

Anyway, the experts at the local Honda were in constant communications with Honda America Engineers or something or other. My car's problem was a real conundrum it seems. They finally found the problem. Our 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid was made in 2002. This apparently means that some of the parts in our 2003 car are from the 2002 Civic. (Yes, I know that the 2003 was the first Civic Hybrid...)

Apparently, some of the cars in 2002 were made with different parts. The parts department kept on trying to get things to work with 2003 parts...but things weren't working. Finally, they opened up another 2003 Civic Hybrid and visually compared the fuel tanks...totally different. You would never know if you just used the VIN # which is how most dealerships identify which parts are needed for a car. Instead, there is a sticker somewhere in the interior of the vehicle that also says what date the car came off the assembly line...

So now I will hopefully go in tomorrow or Friday to pick up the newly fixed Hybrid. That would make the 3rd trip this week to the dealership.

They thanked me for my patience and told me that they would look into covering the insurance for the rental car (the warranty covered the actual rental). After over 2 weeks at $10 a day, it was starting to add up.

I'm keeping my cool...somehow, procrastinating by getting the car fixed seems to be less of a guilt inspirer.

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