Jul 27, 2007

Random Observations on the CA Bar Exam

1) It would have really sucked to do the bar with my right arm in a cast...and I saw someone who did.

2) I met someone who spent 3 hours on the second day of the exam with one of their contact lenses lost behind their eye. They did the exam one-eyed.

3) In the exam, you can leave if you finish early, but not if you finish in the last 5 minutes. If you stay until the end of the 3 hour session, you will have to wait an extra 25 minutes to have all the papers collected. I managed to finish three of the sections early...once I was so close that when the called "five minutes" I was in the process of standing.

4) My last session, I finished with 30 seconds to spare.

5) I may not know if I passed, but I can say that I was satisfied with each of my answers and after hearing others blabber about their tests, I can still say I was satisfied.

6) There were a number of people who did not show up the last day.

7) There were two rooms at the location I was at. The one I was in had beautiful chandeliers and warm lighting. The other room had fluorescent lighting.

8) I knew about 20 people out of the thousand or so people that were there.

9) My mom brought me lunch on the first two days. That really helped.

10) I needed the sleeping pills I took to ensure that I slept enough each night.

11) I'M STILL DONE!!!!


Lagatta said...

Congratulations!! You must be so relieved to have this pain-in-the-patoot behind you. I guess I'll have to start referring to you as my "hippy California-lawyer-friend."
Because all Californians are hippies, right?

* meish * said...


Chandeliers and warm lighting?? I had fluorescent lighting and it was freezing cold, and I remember nearly constant chair scraping on the floor for 3 hours at a time. Thank goodness for earplugs. At least I wasn't sitting by the restrooms.