Jul 29, 2007

Photo Dump

Once again, my cellphone's meager memory has required my downloading (and subsequent uploading to my blog) of the pics I take. Enjoy!

This is a picture of a Trader Joe's market display. It made me smile. I wonder why? (All the bottles have the smiley on them too.)

Seti the cat for some reason thinks that the alarm clock doubles as a pillow. She sure SEEMS comfortable!

These circles are in the intersection of Pico and Robertson Blvds. in Los Angeles. I couldn't get them completely in the shot, but someone either had a very fun time late at night riding in circles or there was one scary accident... (These seem to be from a single car that turned in very, very tight circles multiple times...)

While taking a break from studying for the Bar, I was at a mall and saw some neato wind mobile thingies. They look much cooler when they are moving- trust me.

This is another display of the great store Trader Joe's. This is depicting 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes'. This may surprise you, but the display was over tomatoes that they wanted you to buy!

Another one...this one gave instructions on how to pick watermelons...it was helpful so I snapped a shot. (Okay, maybe it's hard to read...)

This is hands down the best bumper sticker I have seen all year.

I don't post pictures of Seti nearly enough. I'll try to work on that.

I love it when you come across littles rainbows in everyday life. It reminds you of the beauty that's around us.

This is Beta. He's the neighbor's cat. He's fat and quiet and docile. He also is allowed outside. I think Seti may be jealous.

That's all for now...some of my other pictures did not come out as well.

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