Aug 9, 2007

California Bar Exam- July 2007 tidbits

1)During the morning session of day 3 of the bar, some schmoe started whistling in the Los Angeles room at the Century Plaza Hotel.

He got through 6 or 7 bars (no pun intended) before the grumbling started. Finally the woman behind me cursed loadly under her breath. It was dozens of feet away, but I think her curse was what quieted him.

She was NOT penalized for talking.

2)Two weeks later, I feel let down. The excitement of finishing has worn off. I wish I had the money and time for an exotic vacation. Instead, I am being a house husband, looking for a job and helping out my sister with her four kids.

On the upside, the balloons that Elana brought me are still floating. Seti the cat likes to swat at the ribbons.

3)For some reason, my blog has been getting a lot of hits from google searches about the bar exam. I guess I have said some things that people liked. I don't know what they are...

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