Aug 9, 2007

Yet another Photo Dump from my cellphone

These two less-than-clear photos are of my nephew Toby's arm and his friend the bug. The GREEN bug. The BIG GREEN bug. We made him leave his friend behind when we got in the car.

Notice the name of the business. Get it? Tattoff...Tatt (as in in tattoo)+ Off!! Ha HA HAA!

...Um, I guess you had to be there. (It's a place in Beverly Hills that does laser tattoo removal.)

I know what you are thinking. No. I have never had a tattoo and I never will have one.

This is NOT the amazing Tower of Babel. Nor is it a Lego Hangman's Post. It is the wonderful creation of my nephew Noah. (Not pictured)

Catblogging. I wish that I could sleep like that. Don't you just want to reach your arm out and rub Seti's fuzzy belly?

Who needs a soccer field when you can draw one with a stick in the sand?
No need to do a lot of running on that field...

Birdwatching at the beach. (That reminds me of my friend Dr. Alex King in Jerusalem who always calls women 'birds'. If he wrote that caption, he would have a different picture...except now he is a married man like me... :)

Look at this board on display at Venice Beach! 'No dogs' I can understand, but 'NO BLOGS'!!! That's a violation of the 1st Amendment!! That's an unlawful prior restraint on protected political speech!!! Why I outta... If only I had a license to practice law!!!! (Maybe I'll wait a few more months...) :)

...Wait. Did I violate the rules by blogging about it later?!?!

UPDATE: My observant wife has pointed out that the sign might be referring to Bar-B-Q's. That makes much more sense, but it is less fun to write about.

These pictures are from a new kosher restaurant on Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills called 'Bistro Baguette Cafe'. Their meat is good, they have vegetarian options and they make a reasonable attempt at serving food that is both healthy and wholesome.

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