Apr 1, 2008

I Gotta Crow

So I've been a proud mother for six weeks, and I just have to share how amazing my daughter is. No, no it's not that she's a good pooper (although she is). I'm proud because she is both a concerned citizen, and an environmentalist.
This past Sunday she marched with us on a solidarity walk sponsored by the LAPD, LAFD and the Neighborhood Watch. About a mile to the southeast of us is a rough neighborhood. We rallied to let the gangs know that we don't want them there. Nessie's stroller sported a sign reading, "No drugs!", and she got through the whole walk without a peep. She didn't even laugh at the realtor who was holding an open house as 60 people marched by shouting, "No guns! No drugs! No graffiti!" (Adiv made up that mantra. Catchy, no?) Do you think he made the sale?
Then, Monday night I decided to try to lull her to sleep by driving her in the car. She sleeps a lot...just not at night. In desperation, I packed us into the car at 11:30 pm. She seemed to drift off but awoke five minutes after we got home and wailed. She let me know that she would not allow gas-guzzling to be the method that soothes her to sleep. She's also a water conservationist because baths don't help her sleep either. We're open to suggestions, just make sure they are ecologically and socially responsible.

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