Apr 10, 2008

The Magic Pen

I recently discovered an online game that I found very addictive. It was actually not that hard once you get the principles down, but I spent many hours trying to beat this game while holding a baby in one arm.

The basic premise of the game is that you have to move a shape (either a block or a circle) so that it touches a red flag. Your tools for doing this are a magic pen that looks like a crayon that allows you to draw shapes. Once completed, the shapes drop as if drawn by gravity. The bigger the size, the stronger they impact the things they hit. You can also make levers by using a hinge. I imagine that this game could be used quite well in elementary level science classes to teach physics.

Anyways, here is the link. Note: If you are having trouble solving the puzzles, the page has a couple of videos with hints. There is, however, no limit on the infinite ways to solve each round.

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Evan said...

Ah, I saw the videos for this, it looks very cool!