Aug 7, 2007

The Post-Bar Search Begins

Okay. Almost 2 weeks have past since the Bar exam was put to rest. I'll find the results of that exam in November, but until then, surfing the internet is not going to cut it as my main activity.

If you have any suggestions of places that would be looking for a hard-working law school graduate, I would sure like to hear about it. Things to consider:
-I was a law review editor.
-I think outside the box.
-I authored a published law article.
-I am available for temporary work until the bar results are out.
-I have never lost a case. (Ok, so I never tried a case either.)
-I have a sense of humor.
-I aim to work in the Los Angeles area.

If you would like me to send you a resume or writing sample, just drop me a line.

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